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Mitolo Wines

Mitolo Wines willingly accepts its corporate and social responsibility to undertake and promote sustainability in every facet of its business. We are dedicated to identifying and implementing environmental best practice from the vineyard and in the winery through to packaging, distribution and in our everyday roles.

Mitolo Wines chooses suppliers with strong and traceable sustainable practices.

In the vineyard, our growers practice minimal input techniques consistent with sustainable practice. In the winery, water, power and emissions are minimised wherever possible. Examples include:

  • Use of cover crops in between vineyard rows to reduce pesticide and water use as well as minimise tractor use and erosion
  • Use of natural fertiliser in the vineyard (chicken manure) from birds located adjacent the property
  • Winery waste water is collected and treated on site then used on a woodlot or in pasture adjacent the winery
  • Storm water is collected off the roof and utilised as the primary water source in the winery

Mitolo Wines chooses to use light weight glass for its Jester range which represents approximately 80% of its entire volume. These bottles are constructed using 40% recycled material and weigh 10% less than standard bottles significantly reduce freight weight and therefore carbon footprint (

Mitolo Wines encourages its staff, suppliers and customers to operate sustainably in all aspects of their lives including in the office environment. We actively reuse cartons and packages for delivery, and recycle wherever we cannot reuse.

Mitolo Wines endeavours to continue to identify areas where we can act in a sustainable manner. We understand that sustainability is not just about best practices in terms of the environment, but also helps to create a better and more successful business model which should enable us to survive long into the future.