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McLaren Vale | 2007
Unprecedented seasonal conditions have reduced yields to a 30 year low. The 2007 harvest commenced six weeks early. The major seasonal influence on the 2007 crop was the severe drought conditions experienced across much of the country however an episode of rain in mid January improved the situation for many growers by refreshing the vines. Winemakers report that many red varieties bunch numbers were near average, however there were fewer berries per bunch than usual and the berries were small. Quality is thought to be good to excellent. Absence of disease is a primary factor in this outcome. Conditions appear to be more favourable to reds with smaller red berry size traditionally associated with higher quality through intensification of flavour and colour

Barossa Valley | 2007
Vintage 2007 was dominated by very low rainfall- approximately half the average of the previous recorded growing seasons. The extreme growing conditions resulted in a harvest that saw crop loads 45-50% below the average due to lighter bunches, resulting from drought conditions.

Harvest was the earliest on record with some varieties being picked mid to late January due to accelerated ripening as a result of small, low weight bunches. All Barossa red varieties were down substantially in yield due to smaller berry size, however quality across the board is very good to exceptional.